In order to investigate the range of the solid solution series in herzenbergite–teallite minerals, samples of different composition were synthesized. Herzenbergite–teallite minerals were synthesized by an evacuated silica glass tube method at 700°C. A linear relationship between cell dimensions, a, b and c and composition is established. Extension of solid solution to the Pb-rich portion of the system PbS-SnS is limited; the solid solution area is between Pb1.060Sn0.940S2 and SnS at 700°C. Teallite coexisting with galena was also synthesized by hydrothermal recrystallization at 300, 400 and 450°C. The compositions of teallite are Pb1.140Sn0.860S2 at 300°C, Pb1.114Sn0.886S2 at 400°C, and Pb1.124Sn0.876S2 at 450°C, respectively. Their compositions shift towards the PbS end-member from stoichiometric teallite. The cell dimensions of teallite, which was synthesized hydrothermally, follow the linear relationship between cell dimensions and composition established at 700°C.

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