Zircon commonly occurs as one of important accessory HFSE-bearing minerals in A-type granite. A detailed electron microprobe study was carried out on zircon from the Laoshan complex, Eastern China, which is composed of I- and A-type granites. Zircon from the I-type rocks is relatively poor in trace elements (HfO2<2 wt.%, UO2, ThO2 and Y2O3<1 wt.%), but that from the A-type rocks is richer in Hf, U, Th and Y. Hafnian zircon with a HfO2 content of up to 12.37 wt.% was found in the arfvedsonite granite, which is considered the most evolved facies in the A-type suite. Enrichment in Hf is generally observed at the rims of zircon crystals relative to the cores. The Hf enrichment in zircon, and the association of exotic REE- and HFSE-bearing minerals are linked to hydrothermal activity, suggesting that during the last stage of crystallization of the A-type magma, fluids enriched in REE, HFSE, F, CO32− and PO43− were released.

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