In the Yichun granite complex (SE China), columbite group minerals, microlite and cassiterite are the main Nb, Ta, Sn-bearing minerals. They are mainly concentrated in the uppermost albite-lepidolite granite. Rutile is the only Nb, Ta-bearing phase in the geochemically primitive muscovite-zinnwaldite granite. The chemical evolution of the columbite group minerals (the most abundant and commonly zoned Nb, Ta-bearing minerals) indicates a complex crystallization history of the host granites with: (1) fractional crystallization at depth, reflected by a strong increase of Mn/(Mn+Fe) ratios with a moderate increase of Ta/(Ta+Nb) ratios from the muscovite-zinnwaldite granite to the Li-mica granite and then the most fractionated topaz-lepidolite granite; and (2) emplacement of successive magma batches corresponding to the different units of the granite complex with progressive crystallization of each unit, mainly reflected by a strong increase of Ta/(Ta+Nb) ratios with moderate variation of Mn/(Mn+Fe) ratios during the growth of the zoned crystals. The data are compared with those from the RMG of Ez-zirari (Morocco), Montebras, Beauvoir and Chèdeville (France).

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