Feldspar of composition Ca0.2Pb0.8Al2Si2O8 (PbF80An20) was synthesized from melt and subsequently isothermally annealed at T = 960°C for 4 days. In situ HT X-ray powder spectra of PbF80An20 feldspar, triclinic I1̅ at room temperature, were collected in the temperature range 20–800°C, and a displacive continuous ferroelastic transition to a I2/c monoclinic phase was observed. An analysis of the symmetry-required components of the spontaneous strain tensor reveals the second order character (β = 0.46 ± 0.02) of the transition with TC = 680 ± 15°C. A linear coupling was observed between the e4 and e6 components of the spontaneous strain. The transition is analogous to those observed, with increasing temperature, along the join An–SrF and in disordered Na-rich alkali feldspars. A comparison with Ca0.2Sr0.8Al2Si2O8 feldspar (TC= 680°C, McGuinn and Redfern, 1997) shows that PbF80An20 has a higher spontaneous strain (εs = 0.028 in PbF80An20vs 0.020 in Ca0.2Sr0.8Al2Si2O8) and a higher e4 component, possibly related to the higher distortion of the non-tetrahedral polyhedron in lead feldspar.

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