Phengite 3T (Dora-Maira massif, Italian western Alps), with chemical composition K0.96Na0.01Al1.44Mg0.56(Si3.59Al0.41)O10(OH)2 has been investigated using powder neutron diffraction, at the ILL (Institut Laue-Langevin) Facility, on the D2B diffractometer. Data sets were collected at 293 and 873 K, and the present results are compared with those obtained previously using the time-of-flight (TOF) technique, on the same compound. In the octahedral sheet, Al tends to order into the M2 site, in accordance with the measurements mentioned above, whereas the Al/Si tetrahedral ordering we observe (i.e. Si fully into T1 site) is at variance with that determined previously. These discrepancies are ascribed to the presence of talc impurities in the sample used previously (~6 wt.%), which affected the results obtained.

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