The oxidation of chalcopyrite and pyrite was examined using Fe-K- and Cu-K-edge REFLEXAFS spectroscopy. The Fe XANES of the pyrite proved to be a very sensitive indicator of oxidation, revealing the development of a goethite-like surface species; the EXAFS data showed an increasing O:S ratio with the degree of oxidation and gave Fe-O distances of c. 1.9 Aa. On the oxidized chalcopyrite surfaces, the development of Fe-O and Cu-O species was observed, with both the XANES and EXAFS revealing the progressive development of these species with oxidation. Differences in the sensitivity of the XANES and EXAFS to the degree of oxidation can be related to the degree of long range order and changes in the intensity of the pre-edge feature of the Fe are a function of its oxidation state and coordination geometry in the surface species.

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