Djerfisherite [K 6 (Cu,Fe,Ni) 25 S 26 Cl] has been found as a daughter mineral in melt inclusions in melilite from a Kugda melilitolite. The inclusion mineral assemblage includes pyrrhotite, pentlandite, forsterite, diopside, monticellite, phlogopite, wollastonite, nepheline, sodalite, combeite, calcite, Na-K-Ca carbonate, and hydrate calcium silicates. The djerfisherite is Ni-rich rather than Cu-rich consistent with an ultimate upper mantle magma source. The djerfisherite-bearing assemblage formed from primary carbonate/alkali-rich, melilititic melt inclusions which underwent extreme, closed-system, magmatic to postmagmatic fractionation over a temperature range of >1000 degrees to <500 degrees C.

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