Goldmanite, the vanadium analogue of grossular and andradite, was found as subrounded green porphyroblasts ranging from 0.1 to 1.7 mm in size in the carbonaceous black slates from the Deokpyeong area of the Ogcheon belt in Korea. A radiating aggregate of slightly curved blades of goldmanite crystals displays birefringence and replaces the fine-grained black matrix. The V 2 O 3 content ranges from 21.9 to 26.6 wt.% (24.0 wt.% average), higher than previously reported values. The calculated mole % of the goldmanite end-member ranges from 72 to 91. Its cell dimension was calculated to be 12.04 Aa from X-ray diffraction. The black slate in the Deokpyeong area is the richest known accessible source of relatively pure goldmanite.

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