The first occurrence of phenocrystic fluorite in a peralkaline rhyolite is reported from Quaternary lavas (agpaitic index 1.11-1.37) erupted from the Greater Olkaria Volcanic Complex, Kenya. Fluorite compositions are almost stoichiometric, with 0.65-1.49 Sigma REE+Y oxides. Relative to coexisting glass (melt), the fluorites are enriched in REE, Y and Sr, are strongly depleted in all other trace elements and concentrate MREE relative to LREE and HREE. Y partitions into fluorite more strongly than the HREE. Fractionation of fluorite in its modal abundance would not significantly affect the REE abundances in the residual liquids, nor result in stronger Sr depletion. The P, T and composition conditions which stabilize fluorite in rhyolitic magmas are still obscure.

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