The purpose and requirements of formal nomenclature must not be confused with the needs for informal classification systems in fossil plant study. Confusion has resulted from overlapping systems of classification and seemingly excessive synonymy. Of about 50 proposals considered at the Ninth International Botanical Congress, Montreal, Canada, 1959, for amending the Code of Botanical Nomenclature, 26 were accepted affecting paleobotany. They include: 1) abolition of the paleobotanical appendix and its incorporation in the Code, 2) corrections to the 1954 Code resulting from misuse of the word "recent," 3) elimination of nomenclatural provisions for fossil plants that are different from those for extant plants, 4) failure to require Latin diagnosis for new taxa, 5) rejection of most proposals for nomina conservanda and 6) increased representation of palynologists on the Bureau of Nomenclature.

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