Lower Early Cambrian rocks of the Pedroche Formation in the Sierra de Córdoba consist of well-exposed mixed facies with abundant fossil assemblages showing long stratigraphical ranges. These assemblages include diverse Ovetian archaeocyaths, trilobites, small shelly fossils, calcimicrobia, trace fossils, and stromatolites. For the ostracod-like Cambriidae it is the first record from the Iberian Peninsula.

Cordubiella pedrochensis n.gen. n.sp. comes from two sections of the lower Pedroche Formation: the Arroyo de Pedroche 1 section, and the Arroyo Pedroche 2 section. The material was collected in the zone of Lemdadella perejoni, of lower Ovetian age and below the Eoredlichia FAD. It supplements both biostratigraphic and palaeobiogeographic distribution of the Cambriidae, which may be an important tool for the international correlation in the middle Lower Cambrian.

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