Middle-Upper Permian conodont biostratigraphy was examined in a major carbonate section and two auxilliary carbonate sections at Maoershan, Hubei, South China. We recognized ten conodont zones across the Guadalupian-Lopingian boundary (GLB) in these sections consisting of the Jinogondolella shannoni Zone, J. altudaensis Zone, J. xuanhanensis Zone, J. granti Zone, Clarkina postbitteri hongshuiensis Zone, C. postbitteri postbitteri Zone, C. dukouensis Zone, C. asymmetrica Zone, C. guangyuanensis Zone, and C. transcaucasica Zone in ascending order. This succession corresponds well with the Global Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) of the GLB at Penglaitan Section, Guangxi, South China. The present biostratigraphic work on Maoershan sections certainly confirmed the conodont zonations through the GLB at the GSSP and also testified the correctness of the GLB demarcation in Maoershan sections. The transition from Jinogondolella-dominated faunas in Guadalupian to Clarkina-dominated faunas in the Lopingian is recognized in Clarkina postbitteri hongshuiensis zone where there is an overlap of Clarkina and Jinogondolella species.

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