Four new species of Ostracoda belonging to the tribe Thalassocypridini are described from anchialine cave pools of the Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia: Dolerocypria iliffei n. sp., Paracypria uberis n. sp., Mungava woutersi n. sp., and Mungava xariessa n. sp. Detailed anatomical comparisons with 36 established species test the soundness of the emerging generic classification of thalassocypridines. Mangalocypria and Mungava are well-defined genera with exclusive, key diagnostic traits. Dolerocypria, Paracypria and Thalassocypria are somewhat less coherent. The essential qualities of Pontoparta and Parapontoparta remain elusive because of the heterogeneity of species referred to those nominal genera. Emended diagnoses are offered for the tribe Thalassocypridini and for the genera Dolerocypria, Paracypria, and Mungava.

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