As a symptom of evolution, human beings are always trying to better understand current and past events so as to be able to foresee future situations. In order to do that the development of new tools and/or methods is a must. Currently, the Modern Analog Technique (MAT) is one of the most used techniques in paleoceanography and it is applied for the quantitative reconstruction of environmental conditions of the past. Here we propose a new tool, PaleoAnalogs, a method that combines the MAT technique with an interactive analysis to produce faster and more accurate down core reconstructions of (i.e.) sea surface temperature. The tool is tested here using planktonic foraminifers from Pleistocene sediments in the Mediterranean sea, where a well-build database is available. PaleoAnalogs is programmed with flexibility in order to enable the use of this technique for different micropaleontological groups and it is available for any operating system.

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