The Permian - Triassic boundary of the Çürük dađ section (Taurus, Antalya Nappes, Turkey) was sampled for ostracodes. 38 species belonging to 22 genera were discovered. This ostracode fauna is the first one described throughout the Permian -Triassic boundary outside of South China. Six species are new: Sargentina pamucakensis Crasquin-Soleau n. sp., Bairdia kemerensis Crasquin-Soleau n. sp., Bairdiacypris ottomanensis Crasquin-Soleau n. sp., Liuzhinia antalyaensis Crasquin-Soleau n. sp., Arqoviella tahtaliensis Crasquin-Soleau n. sp., Callicythere lysi Crasquin-Soleau n. sp.

The ostracodes at the base of the Kokarkuyu Formation (Induan) are the oldest Triassic forms ever discovered (Hindeodus parvus and Isarcicella isarcica staeschei zones). The Permian genus Revyia is recognized for the first time in Triassic and the Triassic genera Callicythere and Luizhinia for the first time in the Permian.

The fauna discovered here, in the very first levels of the Triassic, illustrate the turn-over between Paleozoic and Mesozoic forms.

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