Existing schemes for the palynozonation of the Namurian deposits in western Europe require updating to reflect improvements in both independent biostratigraphical calibration and species distribution data. New biozonation proposals are presented which include the accurate positioning of all biozonal boundaries and the establishment of new sub-biozonal units within the Pendleian – Alportian sections.

The base of the renamed Cingulizonates cf capistratus – Bellispores nitidus (CN) Biozone is placed within the late Brigantian and a new unit , the C. cf. capistratus (Cc) Sub-Biozone, with an upper boundary coincident with the Viséan – Namurian Stage boundary is proposed. The Pendleian part of the revised CN Biozone is established as the Verrucosisporites morulatus (Vm) Sub-Biozone.

Additional data from the Lycospora subtriquetra – Kraeuselisporites ornatus (SO) Biozone, in the interval adjacent to the proposed Mid-Carboniferous Boundary, permits the establishment of L. subtriquetra – Apiculatisporis variocorneus (SV)Sub-Biozone in the upper part of the Arnsbergian Stage and the L. subtriquetra – Cirratriradites rarus (SR) Sub-Biozone which occupies the Chokierian and most of the Alportian stages. The base of the Crassispora kosankei – Grumosisporites varioreticulatus (KV) Biozone is repositioned into the upper part of the Alportian Stage.

Comparable assemblages described from the Silesian Coal Basins of Poland are discussed and correlations between the palynozonations of both areas are suggested.

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