Foraminifera from the Upper Devonian Lennard Shelf reef complexes and overlying Lower Carboniferous beds in the northern Canning Basin of north-western Australia include twenty species that are tournayellids and endothyrids of stratigraphic significance, including, Quasiendothyra kobeitusana, Endothyra lipinae, E. communis, Laxoendothyra parakosvensis struniana, Tuberendothyra tuberculata, Rectoseptaglomospiranella elegantula, Rectoavesnella, Septabrunsiina crassa, S. primaeva and five species of Septatournayella. They provide further biostratigraphic dating of the Lennard Shelf reef complexes and their overlying beds. These north-west Australian microfaunas bear a striking resemblance to microfaunas of the Famennian, and Tournaisian of Russia, Kazakhstan, and south China. A new genus and species Triploshaerina medaensis is established, as well as the new species Nodosinella canningensis and Rectoavesnella lennardi.

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