Cocoarota orali, a new foraminifer species, is described from the Upper Maastrichtian and Upper Danian levels of Niksar (Tokat); from the Upper Danian levels of Gölköy (Ordu) and Tecer (Sivas); from the Thanetian level in the Gürlevik Mountain (Sivas), Elazýđ and Safranbolu (Karabük); from the Cuisian-Lower Lutetian levels of Andýrýn (Kahramanmaraþ) regions, all in Turkey. The new species is characterized by its test shape, two layered wall and hexagonal ornamentation. It is provisionally assigned within Cocoarota genus because of its test shape, coiling and other structural features, but differs from other species in Cocoarota by its two layered wall.

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