The Eocene biostratigraphy of the Jabal Qatar area located at the border between UAE and Oman is described. The occurrence of the Late Eocene index fossil Turborotalia cunialensis/Cribrohantkenina inflata Concurrent-Range Zone and the homogeneous biozone P16 is reported for the first time. The presence of the T. cunialensis/C. inflata with its associated taxa permits the tripartite division (P15, P16, P17) of the Upper Eocene at Jabal Qatar. The data obtained were used in correlating the Jabal Qatar sequence with stratigraphically equivalent sequences at Jabal Hafit and Jabal Malaqet, near Al-Ain city. Effects of the previously reported eustatic sea level changes at the close of Chron C15r can be recognized in the facies characteristics of the studied sequences.

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