Small foraminifers and fusulinaceans from Upper Permian strata in the Bolshaya and Malaya Laba, and Belaya river basins in the Peredovoy Range of the Northwestern Caucasus have been restudied. New age data show that they are clearly Late Changhsingian in age. The foraminifers occur in rocks in isolated outcrops that include bedded limestone, biohermal buildups, and terrigenous clastics. Many foraminiferal species previously described by K. Miklukho-Maklay in 1954 are here revised and redescribed based on specimens from some of the same sections. Nine new species and two new genera of small foraminifers are described. The foraminifer assemblage is correlated with similar coeval associations in South China, the South Primorye, Pamirs, and Transcaucasia.

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