The systematics and distribution of Microceratina Swanson 1980 are studied. Five species have been referred to this genus: Microceratina quadrata Swanson 1980 (type species), Microceratina foveolata (Colalongo and Pasini 1980) nov. comb., Microceratina poligonia (Colalongo and Pasini 1980), Microceratina pseudoamfibola (Barbeito-Gonzalez 1971) nov. comb. and Microceratina reticulata (Bonaduce, Ciampo and Masoli 1975). With the exceptions of the type species, which have been found in littoral sediments in Southern New Zealand and Southeastern Australia, and of M. poligonia, recovered in two sites of the North Atlantic, the genus Microceratina seems to be mainly distributed in the Mediterranean area, from the Tortonian to Recent.

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