During Mesozoic time Turkey was situated within the Tethyan Realm. The stratigraphic section KEL of pelagic sequences on the Sakarya Continent (= SC) (northwest Turkey) is latest Tithonian-Berriasian in age based on radiolarians and co-occurring calpionellids and calcareous nannofossils. Section PEM, from fragmented slope deposits of SC, is defined as late Valanginian in age for the first time based on its radiolarians. Pantanelliids comprise approximately 25% of Berriasian and approximately 39% of late Valanginian radiolarian faunas in these sections. Two new genera, Cana and Denize, and six new species, Cana elegans, Cecrops anatolicus, Cecrops blomei, Cecrops (?) pessagnoi, Denize magnifica, and Gorgansium lingi are described.

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