The dinoflagellate distribution in two Teratan-lower Haumurian (Coniacian-Campanian) sections at Ben More Stream and Kekerengu River (south Marlborough, New Zealand) is documented and discussed, and a new zonation scheme proposed. The Conosphaeridium striatoconum Zone of Wilson (1984) and the Odontochitina porifera Zone of Wilson (1984) are proposed as new Superzones. The C. striatoconum Superzone is subdivided into three new zones: Cymososphaeridium benmorense Interval Zone and Conosphaeridium abbreviatum Interval Zone. Four Australian dinoflagellate zones are recognized in the sections: Odontochitina porifera Interval Zone of Helby et al. (1987), Isabelidinium cretaceum Zone of Evans (1971), Nelsoniella aceras Zone of Evans (1971) and Satyrodinium haumuriense Zone of Marshall (1990). A correlation of the two sections with international stages based on key dinoflagellates and supported by previous work on inoceramid bivalves dates the sections as middle Coniacian to Campanian. The Teratan-Piripauan stage boundary can be placed in the uppermost Coniacian and the Piripauan-Haumurian stage boundary in the upper Santonian. Six new dinoflagellate species are present in the sections: Batiacasphaera kekerengensis n.sp., Batiacasphaera rugulata n.sp., Cymososphaeridium benmorense n.sp., Eucladinium kaikourense n.sp., Glaphyrocysta marlboroughensis n.sp. and Kleithriasphaeridium secatum n.sp.

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