Thirteen new radiolarian species, two new genera and one new combination from the Oligocene and early Miocene of Northland, New Zealand, are formally described. The species are: Heliodiscus tekopua (Plagiacanthidae), Valkyria pukapuka (Sethoconidae), Cyrtocapsa osculum, Lophocyrtis (Paralampterium)? inaequalis, Lychnocanium neptunei, Stichocorys negripontensis, Theocorys bianulus, T. Perforalvus, T. puriri (Theoperidae). The genera are: Plannapus (Artostrobiidae) and Valkyria (Sethoconidae); the combination is Plannapus microcephalus (Artostrobiidae). Standardized terminology is proposed for internal skeletal elements and external appendages. Emendations are proposed for the family Artostrobiidae and the genera Heliodiscus, Lithomelissa and Cyrtocapsa. Heliodiscus, Cyrtocapsa and Lychnocanium are established as senior synonyms of Astrophacus, Cyrtocapsella and Lychnocanoma respectively.

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