The primary types of the foraminiferal species Globorotalia barisanensis LeRoy, 1939, Globorotalia fohsi Cushman and Ellisor, 1939, and Globorotalia lobata Bermudez, 1949, are refigured and redescribed; their morphology and taxonomy are discussed and reapplied to biostratigraphy. The new species Globorotalia (Turborotalia) peripheroronda, G. (T.) peripheroacuta and Globorotalia (G.) praefohsi are proposed and discussed in order to define taxonomically forms which have previously been incorrectly assigned to G. barisanensis and/or G. fohsi. All the taxa discussed have been biostratigraphically related, and their phylogeny is briefly outlined. The evidence from the Kassikan section of Sumatra (LeRoy, 1952) has been reviewed, compared and contrasted with the biostratigraphy proposed by Bolli (1950, 1957) and Blow (1959) for the relevant parts of the Neogene successions of planktonic foraminifera.

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