Loeblich and Tappan recently (1964) assigned the genus Beella Banner and Blow, 1960, to the subfamily Globigerininae; a reinvestigation of the type species of this genus, Globigerina digitata Brady, 1879, shows this to be correct. A new generic name is required for those species which have an interiomarginal, umbilical-extraumbilical aperture and not a purely interiomarginal umbilical aperture, but which, like those included in Beella, are trochospirally coiled. Clavatorella, new genus--type species: Hastigerinella bermudezi Bolli, 1957-- is proposed for those trochospiral species which have radially elongate chambers and an aperture which is interiomarginal, umbilical-extraumbilical in position.

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