"Describes and illustrates the planktonic foraminifera separated from 228 samples collected from the classic section of Gebel Aweina, Egypt, which is taken as the type locality of the Esna shale. The analysis of this large series of samples makes possible the zonation of this upper Cretaceous-lower Tertiary succession in a manner which has never been attempted before in Egypt. This zonation establishes the correlatability of the Egyptian section with sections in other parts of the world. . . . The presence of an erosional hiatus between the Danian and Maestrichtian, represented by a conglomerate with a sandy glauconitic matrix, is noted, and its significance is discussed. The Paleocene-lower Eocene contact is shown to cut the upper beds of the Esna shale and does not follow the contact of this rock unit with the overlying Thebes formation."

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