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ISSN 1941-8264
EISSN 1947-4253
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Lithosphere June 15, 2018, Vol.10, 582-601. doi:10.1130/L730.1
Lithosphere June 15, 2018, Vol.10, 602-631. doi:10.1130/L629.1
Lithosphere July 02, 2018, Vol.10, 632-640. doi:10.1130/L681.1
Lithosphere August 31, 2018, Vol.10, 641-661. doi:10.1130/L704.1
Lithosphere September 04, 2018, Vol.10, 662-675. doi:10.1130/L686.1
Lithosphere October 01, 2018, Vol.10, 676. doi:10.1130/L686E.1
Lithosphere August 31, 2018, Vol.10, 677-684. doi:10.1130/L736.1
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    Cover Image

    issue cover

    COVER: View southwest over San Andreas Fault towards Upper Oligocene volcanic rocks of Pinnacles National Park, a piercing point on the fault, California.

    Image taken by Marli Miller, University of Oregon, and available for free download at

    COVER DESIGN BY: Heather L. Sutphin

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