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ISSN 1941-8264
EISSN 1947-4253

THEMED ISSUE: Ophiolites, Diamonds, and UHP Minerals: New Discoveries and Concepts on Upper Mantle Petrogenesis

Lithosphere January 10, 2018, Vol.10, 3-13. doi:10.1130/L715.1
Lithosphere January 05, 2018, Vol.10, 14-34. doi:10.1130/L641.1
Lithosphere September 14, 2017, Vol.10, 35-53. doi:10.1130/L602.1
Lithosphere July 14, 2017, Vol.10, 54-78. doi:10.1130/L606.1
Lithosphere May 18, 2017, Vol.10, 79-94. doi:10.1130/L589.1
Lithosphere May 25, 2017, Vol.10, 95-108. doi:10.1130/L590.1
Lithosphere January 05, 2018, Vol.10, 109-132. doi:10.1130/L689.1
Lithosphere March 20, 2017, Vol.10, 133-141. doi:10.1130/L603.1
Lithosphere May 01, 2017, Vol.10, 142-155. doi:10.1130/L607.1
Lithosphere July 27, 2017, Vol.10, 156-169. doi:10.1130/L625.1
  • Cover Image

    Cover Image

    issue cover

    COVER: Northern slope of the Akaki River canyon near Klirou Bridge within the extrusive sequence along the northern edge of the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus (view to the north–northeast). Slightly east–tilted, ~10-m-thick pillow lava unit in the upper-central part of the outcrop shows cuspate, convex-up flow structures, and is underlain by hyaloclastite breccias. Multiple dike swarms, dipping 70°–80° to the northwest, crosscut the pillow lava–hyaloclastite breccia units and feed into the overlying, younger pillow lava and breccia horizons in the lower part of the extrusive sequence. Notice the crosscutting relationships between different dike swarms on the east side of the canyon wall. All lava and dike rocks have basaltic andesite–andesite compositions. The Troodos ophiolite represents one of the best examples of an ancient (~92 Ma) suprasubduction zone oceanic lithosphere. Passenger bus for scale.

    PHOTO BY: Yildirim Dilek (USA)

    COVER DESIGN BY: Heather L. Sutphin

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