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ISSN 1527-1404
EISSN 1938-3681
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    COVER EXPLANATION.—Cliff-forming Grassy Member, Desert Member, and Lower Castlegate Sandstone, Coal Canyon, Book Cliffs, eastern Utah. The lower sandstone bench is dominated by Grassy parasequence G2, which is cut by a shoreface-incised channel a few kilometers west, at Tusher Canyon. Marine mudstones of Desert parasequences D1 to D3 separate the lower and middle benches. The middle sandstone bench is Desert parasequences D4 to D5, with D5 cut out by a shoreface-incised channel to the right (west). Coal-bearing coastal-plain mudstones overlie the D5 sandstones, separating the middle and upper benches. The uppermost sandstone bench is comprised of the amalgamated fluvial sandstones of the Lower Castlegate Sandstone. Cliff section approximately 150 m high. Photo looks south. See Pattison, this issue.

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