Maastrichtian ammonites are described from two areas in Pakistan. The upper part of the lower unit of the Korara Shale in the southern Pab Range, Kirthar Province, southern Balochistan, is dated as Late Maastrichtian, based on the presence of Menuites fresvillensis (Seunes, 1890), which is accompanied by abundant Indoceras baluchistanense Noetling, 1897, common Baculites ambatryensis Collignon, 1971, and rarer Neophylloceras surya (Forbes, 1846), Gaudryceras kayei (Forbes, 1846), Anagaudryceras politissimum (Kossmat, 1895), Kitchinites spengleri n. sp., Pachydiscus (Pachydiscus) noetlingi n. sp., Libycoceras acutodorsatus (Noetling, 1897), and Diplomoceras cylindraceum (Defrance, 1816). A smaller assemblage from the Mughal Kot Formation near Kach, Suleman Province, northern Balochistan cannot be dated more precisely than Maastrichtian from the presence of Pachydiscus (Pachydiscus) neubergicus (Hauer, 1858), the first occurrence of which has been provisionally adopted by the Subcommission on Cretaceous Stratigraphy as marking the base of the Maastrichtian stage. It is associated with numerous Eubaculites binodosus (Noetling, 1897).