The Kohl Ranch locality in the Naco Formation (Upper Carboniferous, Desmoinesian) of central Arizona contains an ostracode fauna of 13 species of which three are left in open nomenclature because of inadequate materials; all of the others have been previously described. This fauna is strongly dominated by Hollinella (Hollinella) bassleri (Knight, 1928), Cavellina pulchella Coryell, 1928, Bairdia whitesidei Bradfield, 1935, and Bairdiacypris (Fabalicypris) regularis Cooper, 1946. Present in moderate numbers are Amphissites (Amphikegelites) roundyi Knight, 1928, Moorities minutus Warthin, 1930, and Healdia simplex Roundy, 1926. Pseudobythocypris tomlinsonella Cooper, 1946, Bairdia hoxbarensis Harlton, 1927, Sulcella sulcata Coryell and Sample, 1932, and species of Oliganisus, Sansabella and Chamishaella are represented by only small numbers of specimens. The dominant and moderately abundant species indicate a shallow, offshore environment of deposition. The known geographical range of all species present in the fauna is extended into central Arizona.