Bairdiid ostracodes are commonly present in the Pennsylvanian marine zones in the Appalachian basin. Thirty-one taxa are recognized representing the genera Bairdia McCoy, 1844; Orthobairdia Sohn, 1960; Cryptobairdia Sohn, 1960; Rectobairdia Sohn, 1960; Bairdiolites Croneis and Gale, 1939; and Bairdiacypris Bradfield, 1935. Two questionable bairdiid genera, Entmema new genus and Hastacypris Croneis and Gutke, 1939, are included. Seven new taxa, Bairdia cuspidis, Rectobairdia absidata, R. apiculata, R. levis, R. sohni, Entmena distenta, and Hastacypris acutula, are described. Fabalicypris Cooper, 1946, is considered a junior synonym of Bairdiacypris Bradfield, 1935. The diversity of bairdiids is significantly lower in the Appalachian basin than in the Eastern Interior and Western Interior basins.