Seventeen species of beyrichiacean and drepanellacean ostracodes are reported from the Middle Devonian rocks of central Ohio. Four species appear to be restricted to the Columbus Limestone and three to the Delaware Limestone. Eight species are common to both the Columbus and the Delaware and of these, three also occur in the lowermost unit of the Lower Olentangy Shale. Three new genera and eight new species are proposed. One species, Kirkbyella (Berdanella) stewartae Sohn is verbally described for the first time and Aechmina longioroidea Stewart is redescribed. The new genera are Rimabollia, Cubitosulcus and Marginisulcus with R. bella, C. typicus and M. vadosus as the respective types. Other new species include Hibbardia nodosa, Bollia aequitivelata, Bollia stewartae, Stictobollia paucifoveata and Ulrichia (Subulrichia) concinna.--Modified journal abstract