The 11 species of nonmarine ostracodes described and illustrated herein are a few representatives of a rich and varied ostracode biota from the Chengqiangyan Group in the Sichuan Basin, China. They are referred to the families Cyprididae, Cyclocypridae and Cyprideidae; Qingjiania, Simicypris and Deyangia are new genera. Nine new species and one new subspecies are erected herein; namely, qingjiania longa, Q. alta, Deyangia deyangensis, Pinnocypridea regularis, Jingguella (Jingguella) acutura, Damonella antenanna, (Cypridea (Cypridea) dayaoensis sichuanensis, C. (Ulwellia) orbiculatodes, C. (U.) angularia and Simicypris obesa. The Chengqiangyan Group is inferred to be Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous in age, roughly corresponding to the Upper Kimmeridgian to Berriasian.--Modified journal abstract.