Extensive collections made from the lower portion of the Cabaniss subgroup, the upper portion of the Krebs subgroup and deposits of Atokan age in southwest Missouri contain several new forms of Brachiopoda. The genus Desmoinesia is erected to contain specimens which have previously been included under the genus Marginifera but which lack the diagnostic features of the latter genus. This genus contains the species D. muricatina (Norwood & Pratten) and D. nana (Meek & Worthen). The genus Eolissochonetes, containing E. laevis (Keyes) and E. bilobatus n. sp., is erected for specimens which are transitory between the genera Mesolobus and Lissochonetes. Also among the Productacea Dictyoclostus tiawahensis, n. sp., Linoproductus planiventralis, n. sp., L. echinatus, n. sp. and L. distortus, n. sp., are described. Composita tetralobata, n. sp., is erected in the family Arthyridae.