Anactolasma yukonanum new genus and species is described from the Pragian of Yukon Territory and is assigned to the Anactolasmatinae, a new subfamily of the Mucophyllidae Hill. Adult stages of Anactolasma resemble gerontic stages of Kobeha Merriam, although the genera have distinct ontogenies. Kobeha is revised on the basis of new material of its type species K. walcotti Merriam. The Papiliophyllinae Stumm are promoted to family status. Kobeha ketophylloides Merriam, from the Pragian of Nevada, and Endophyllum banksi Jell and Hill, from the Pragian of Tasmania, are restudied using new topotypic and other material. A new endophyllid genus named Murphyphyllum is erected for them, with E. banksi as type species. Asarcophyllum ramosum new genus and species, from the Emsian of Nevada, is made type species of a new cyathophyllid genus. Spongophyllum nevadense Stumm and S. expansum Stumm, both also from the Emsian of Nevada, are placed in the new genus, as is Asarcophyllum corona new genus and species, from the Emsian of Yukon Territory. Biostratigraphic settings, with emphasis on associated corals, brachiopods and conodonts, are given for the new and revised genera and species.