Two cupressocrinitids (Crinoidea, Eucladida) from the famous crinoid collection of Dr. Ludwig J.T. Schultze deposited in the Museum of Comparative Zoology (MCZ) are revised in the present study: Cupressocrinites hybridus n. comb. and Halocrinites minor n. comb. The rare C. hybridus has a stratigraphically and regionally restricted occurrence at the Eifelian–Givetian boundary of the Hillesheim Syncline (Eifel, Rhenish Massif, Germany), but the more common H. minor occurs supraregionally from the Eifelian to the Frasnian (Middle to Upper Devonian). Both cupressocrinitids are redescribed on the basis of the type material stored in the MCZ. In addition, the rare Halocrinites heinorum n. sp. from the Eifelian–Givetian boundary beds and lower Givetian of the Eifel (Rhenish Massif, Germany) is described, and Encrinus townsendi (König, 1825) is questionably reassigned to Robustocrinites: R.(?) townsendi n. comb. Pre- and postmortem ossicular modifications of the studied cupressocrinitid skeletons are also discussed.


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