In Table 3 of this article (Guensburg et al., 2020) one of the characters is incorrectly placed. The correct Table 3 is given below.

In addition, the caption to Figure 6 is missing the name Titanocrinus. The correct caption should read:

Figure 6. Color-coded feeding appendage cross sections: (1–4) Eumorphocystis multiporata Branson and Peck, 1940 (see Figs. 2.2, 2.3, 4.2 and 4.3); (1–3) ontogenetic series (see Table 1), pseudo-arms broken off at theca-arm juncture, the second floor plate distal to the orals, small circular canals within floor plates: (1) OU238159, see Fig. 4.2; (2) 1404TX6, see Fig. 4.3;...

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