A new taxon of sphenodontian reptile, Micromenodon pitti new genus new species is described from the Upper Triassic (Carnian) Vinita Formation of the Richmond basin of the Newark Supergroup in Virginia. It is diagnosed by a dorsoventrally deep facial process of the maxilla that extends for almost the entire anteroposterior length of the bone and by obtusely conical, strongly ribbed additional teeth in the maxilla that comprise a greatly enlarged tooth followed by smaller teeth posteriorly. Phylogenetic analysis found Micromenodon pitti n. gen. n. sp. as an early-diverging sphenodontian with fully acrodont tooth implantation. The maxillary dentition appears functionally suited for processing hard arthropod exoskeletons and snail shells.

UUID: http://zoobank.org/40ed7cb6-4867-464b-8bfb-db07febfe97c

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