The genus Falsolikanella, introduced by Granier (1987), was based on the basal Cretaceous species Likanella campanensis Azéma and Jaffrezo (1972) and assigned to the tribe Diploporeae (Pia, 1920) emend. Güvenc, 1979 within the green alga order Dasycladales. Later, other species were assigned to Falsolikanella. Sections of the type specimens of Likanella campanensis are reviewed. They show that in this species, the arrangement of the laterals is not metaspondyl, but typical of the genus Actinoporella (Gümbel in Alth, 1882) emend Conrad, Praturlon, and Radoičić, 1974, with coronae arising from a single primary lateral. Therefore, the species is assigned to the genus Actinoporella within the tribe Acetabularieae Decaisne, 1842, family Polyphysaceae Kützing, 1843, and the generic attribution of other species previously assigned to Falsolikanella is discussed.

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