A new genus of flabellid scleractinian coral, Periplacotrochus, is described from the late Eocene to middle Miocene of Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania. It differs from Placotrochus in having a pedicellate base, and from Flabellum in having a lamellar columella. Six previously described species are redescribed, illustrated, and reassigned to this genus (P. deltoideus Duncan, 1864, P. corniculatus Dennant, 1899, P. elongatus Duncan, 1864, P. pueblensis Dennant, 1903, P. inflectus Dennant, 1903, and P. magnus Dennant, 1904), and one new species is described: P. cudmorei. One species, Placotrochus elegans Tennison-Woods, 1878a, is considered as a nomen dubium. A key is provided to the seven species placed in this genus.

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