Plagioptychids are a conspicuous, although minor, component in uppermost Cretaceous rudist-bearing outcrops of the Caribbean Province, where other rudist families are more abundant and diverse. In the Chiapas Central Depression, the plagioptychid rudist fauna includes the following taxa: Plagioptychus antillarum (Douvillé) and Mitrocaprina sp. from the middle Campanian Suchiapa Formation, Plagioptychus muellerriedi Alencáster from the early Maastrichtian Ocozocoautla Formation, and Plagioptychus fragilis Chubb and Mitrocaprina tschoppi (Palmer) from the late Maastrichtian Angostura Formation. These five species are described in detail and some probable synonymies are discussed. Analysis of the literature on American plagioptychids reveals that the characters of too many taxa are still insufficiently known to attempt any thorough phylogenetic analysis. Other lines of evidence also seem to indicate that American Plagioptychidae diversity is probably higher than recognized today, which might result in a more significant difference to Plagioptychidae of the Mediterranean Tethys.

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