A latest Changhsingian (latest Permian) foraminiferal fauna composed of 19 species (belonging to 10 genera) was recovered from the Daxiakou section in Xingshan County, Hubei Province, South China. Compared to contemporaneous faunas in South China, the Daxiakou fauna displays unique features: (1) nodosariids are the dominant forms in abundance and diversity; and (2) the most abundant forms have elongate and flattened tests, and include Geinitzina, Howchinella, and Ichthyolaria. The predominance of flattened elongate tests and their smaller size suggest that these foraminifers possibly lived in an oxygen-depleted, deep-water environment. Seven new species, Nodosaria quinquecostata n. sp., Howchinella inflata n. sp., H. hubeiensis n. sp., H. complanata n. sp., H. xiangxiensis n. sp., Ichthyolaria celsa n. sp., and Pseudotristix elongata n. sp. are described.

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