Holman (1998, p. 142) referred large testudinid fragments from the early Miocene Delaware Pollack Farm site to Geochelone sp., noting their close resemblance to a co-occurring species he identified as Geochelone wilsoni (Auffenberg, 1964). Our recent article (Weems and George, 2013) referred this material and a large Calvert Formation testudinid humerus of similar age from the Calvert Formation to Hesperotestudo (Caudochelys) wilsoni (Auffenberg, 1964) (p. 580, text for Figs. 10, 11, Table 1), updating Holman's generic assignment from Geochelone to HesperotestudoWilliams, 1950 per Meylan and Sterrer (2000) and accepting...

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