Discovery of well-preserved specimens from the Nanba section in Yiyang, Hunan Province, in combination with a literature review, enabled us to re-evaluate and revise the graptolite genus Ancoragraptus. This is a genus of biradiate, multiramous anisograptids with horizontal to reclined rhabdosomes and free lower part of the metasicula and slightly isolated autothecal apertures. According to the revised definition, two species are included in Ancoragraptus, i.e., Ancoragraptus bulmani (Spjeldnæs, 1963) and Ancoragraptus psigraptoidesCho, Kim, and Jin, 2009. It is the first time that A. bulmani has been reported from China. The occurrences of Ancoragraptus reported worldwide are reviewed in the present study and found to be restricted to the lower upper Tremadocian. The restriction of Ancoragraptus in stratigraphical distribution makes it a taxon with a high potential for precise biostratigraphical correlation at both regional and global scale.

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