Six species of conulariids, assigned to four genera, were recovered from the type locality of the Cat Head Member of the Red River Formation in southern Manitoba, Canada. These are middle Katian (Late Ordovician) in age. The most abundant conulariid species from this locality, Conularia porcella, is new, and is represented by 21 specimens. Additionally, 28 three-dimensionally preserved micromorphic conulariids, assigned to Eoconularia aff. loculata, were recovered using acetic acid preparation from limestone samples of late Katian (Late Ordovician) age. These samples had been collected from Churchill, northern Manitoba, by the Geological Survey of Canada's J. B. Tyrrell in 1894. These taxa are unusually abundant for conulariids, which are normally represented by only a few specimens from any given locality, and this abundance may be a reflection of the exceptional preservation at these two localities.

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