Crinoid faunas from the Lower Devonian of South America are poorly known. Two new taxa are described from the Emsian Icla Formation at Cerro Kochis in the Cochabamba Department: the rhodocrinitid, Lutocrinus boliviaensis n. gen. n. sp. and Griphocrinus pirovanoi n. sp. Two additional camerates are reported from the Emsian Belèn Formation of the Altiplano region in the La Paz Department, including Ctenocrinus branisai n. sp. and Boliviacrinus isaacsoniMcIntosh, 1988. In addition, a specimen of the blastoid, Pachyblastus dicki Bremier and Macurda, 1972, was recovered from the Altiplano region. These crinoids and material previously collected by Leonardo Branisa, including specimens of C. branisai n. sp., Apurocrinus sucreiMcIntosh, 1981, B. isaacsoniMcIntosh, 1988, and L. boliviaensis n. sp., are described and revised. The specimens give new insights into the Lower Devonian Malvinokaffric Realm of Bolivia, a relatively new frontier in crinoid paleontology.

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