Four new species of colonial corals, one previously described coral, and two other unidentified species of coral have been recovered from the Baird Formation in the Klamath Mountains of northwestern California. The newly erected species are Heritschioides armstrongi n. sp., Pararachnastraea klamathensis n. sp., P. watkinsi n. sp., and P. kabyaiensis n. sp. These corals are associated with the fusulinids Millerella marblensis Thompson, 1944, Paramillerella Thompson, 1951, and Pseudostaffella Thompson, 1942, emend Groves, 1984, suggesting an early Atokan (Bashkirian) age. Both the coral and foraminiferal faunas bear a resemblance to those of similar age in the Brooks Range, Alaska, which could suggest geographic proximity between the two terranes at that time. These corals also represent the earliest known occurrence of the Family Durhamididae.

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