Twenty four species of Cancellariidae belonging to eleven genera occurring in the Neogene Bocas del Toro assemblages, Caribbean Panama, are discussed and figured. The following seven species are described as new: Cancellaria pilula n. sp., Cancellaria isabelae n. sp., Cancellaria stri n. sp., Cancellaria axelolssoni n. sp., Massyla corpulenta n. sp., Aphera trophis n. sp., Admetula valientensis n. sp. The cancellarid genus Charcolleria Olsson, 1942 is considered a synonym of Massyla H. Adams and A. Adams, 1854. Of the 24 species present in the Bocas del Toro, 12 are known also to occur elsewhere in the tropical American Neogene. This level of endemism is high, but not as high as that reported from other Tropical American Neogene assemblages, probably due to the very central geographic location within the Gatunian Province of the Bocas assemblages.

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